Side Projects

There are much more interesting engineering projects outside university.

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TI-RSLK Robot IOS Bluetooth Controller

  • Side-project during 2020 TI summer internship
  • Developed an IOS Bluetooth Apps to control the TI-RSLK robot car
  • Won 1st prize in the robot speed competition

Smart BMS - BLE Development

Developed a Android and IOS app to communication with Bluetooth LE to read to information from the Battery Management System (BMS) on the Battery. This app can be used in other bluetooth applications.

Here is a list of my recently updates.

  • Finish setting page.
  • Change to Circular progress bar.
  • Save user preference device and automatically connect to the previous bluetooth device if user have connected once.
  • Support different languages. (Chinese and English)
  • Push notification
  • Disconnect Bluetooth Device
  • User are able to send us a email with feedback.
Setting page
Loading page
Supporting different languages - Chinese
Send notification
Lock screen notification
Alert dialog to confirm for disconnecting BLE device
Jump to scan list immediately after disconnecting device
Select an email application to send email

Open Window Sensor

Date: March - May 2016

The objective presented for this project was to conceive of, design, and develop a useful product that harvests stray energy from its environment, senses some parameter within that environment and provides some level of safety to the user. Our team developed an idea of a portable solar-powered window sensor that can be used for theft prevention.

  • Conducted Market Research, customer requirements, product requirements and product specification.
  • Generated 3D product concept drawing using AutoCAD.
  • Drew the schematic diagram and implemented the circuit into a circuit board.
  • Presented the product with teammates in the WPI Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI) competition and placed 2nd in the competition